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These are brothers with positions who are in charge of different aspects and events of the fraternity yet still report to the Executive Board

Director of Recruitment

Abby Pleas

Abby is a sophomore pursuing a double major in marketing and management with a minor in digital media and design. She hopes to use her passion for design and advertisement to recruit a wide audience of students.

Merchandise and

Apparel Chair



Abbey Kleczinski

Abbey is triple majoring in Economics, Marketing, and Finance. Currently a sales intern for Valvoline. Abbey does such a great job designing apparel and taking photos of the fraternity.

Professional Chair

Philip Ulm

Phil is an excellent man from right here in Lexington. Phil enjoys working at Chick-fil-a and finding new professional opportunites for the fraternity.




Brendan Hagn

Hailing from Chicago, IL is Brendan. An intense Chicago sports fan no doubt. His favorite holiday according to him is the MLB World Series 2016. He is also ranked the #1 brother in NHL 2017.

Social Chair

Lauren Martin

Lauren a Marketing major from Dubai. Lauren enjoys going on adventures with friends and creating amazing videos documenting their adventures. Lauren is hard at work finding and creating the best social events for us.

Fundraising Chair

Michaela Taylor

From Chicago, IL Michaela prides herself in creating the best fundraising events for the chapter.

Service Chair

Bailey Knerr

Bailey is a business management major from Nashville, TN. She is currently an algebra tutor at The Study, and in her free time she enjoys hiking, reading, and spending time with other brothers.

Pledge Educator

Clay Shackleford

Clay Shackelford is a junior studying Public Relations with a minor in Digital Media and Design. Clay is an intern with Viamedia, an advertising company here in Lexington. An optimist, Clay loves a good conversation and gets great pleasure from meeting new people. In If you can catch him on campus, please don't hesitate to stop him and say hello! 

Pledge Educator

Cassidy Mullins

Cassidy is a Finance and Management double major from Lexington, KY. In her spare time, she enjoys learning Spanish, cooking, and performing at local theaters. 

Appeals Chair


Chad Revis

Chad is a Management major with a Political Science minor. Previously interning at the Kentucky Department of Agriculture and focusing in Judicial Politics, he established the Appeals Committee to serve as a voice for members in the judicial process. 

Corporate Relations Chair


Zach Doss

Zach is a finance major from Harlen, Kentucky. Zach enjoys hiking and finding new investment opportunities


Mohammad Ahmad

Mohammad is a sophomore majoring in Broadcast Journalism and minoring in Business Administration. He is an avid sports fan who is always at a some sort of game! His goal is to work in the sports media industry as a play-by-play announcer or as an anchor for a news outlet.

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