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Please refer to the links above and also review our Rush guide under "How To Join" and RUSH AKPSI!

If you have any questions, please reach out to us at

While you wait to apply, make your application stand out, improve your résumé, establish a cover letter, and practice potential interview responses

  • What is Rush?
    Rush is a series of events over the course of one week to allow potential rushees the opportunity to learn more about Alpha Kappa Psi as a chapter, while allowing active members the chance to get to know interested candidates.
  • Does AKPsi only take business majors?
    Not at all! Our chapter encourages all types of majors to rush AKPsi. We currently have members studying business, engineering, computer science, communications, political science, and more!
  • Is AKPsi only for male prospects?
    No! All genders are more than welcome to rush AKPsi! Despite its misleading title as a fraternity, AKPsi has been a co-ed business organization since 1973.
  • Are there requirements to rush?
    You can find a full Rush syllabus and list of requirements attached in a document at the top of this page. Come out to info night on September 13th AND 14th to learn more!
  • Am I able to join AKPsi if I am currently in a social sorority or fraternity?
    Yes! We currently have a healthy mix of members in other Greek organizations and those who are not. It is important to realize, however, that Alpha Kappa Psi is large time commitment, especially during pledgeship, and cannot be overlooked.
  • If I do not get a bid from AKPsi, can I rush again?
    Yes! And we encourage you to do so! Perseverance, growth, and personal refinement are valued traits in rush candidates, which will not go unnoticed the second time around.
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