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One of the greatest assets of our organization is our new member education program, also known as pledging. We have built great experiences and fantastic friendships through our membership programs, challanging each new member to  to significant individual growth all while having fun! 

Part of what differentiates AKPsi from other student organizations at UK is the bond we share as brothers. We aim to provide opportunities for not only professional success, but also personal enrichment through mutual support, mentorship, and social activities. We believe that having a network of brothers who share interests and passions is crucial to the positive college experience for all of our members.  


Big & Little

Find your big and join your family within a family! Aside from other chapter brothers, seek mentorship from your big, learn from their experiences, and enjoy being part of a family within a family!


Yellow rose gala

Each semester, join us to celebrate our chapter's accomplishments, best moments, and recognize distinguished brothers who help define our chapter year after year.


THank A

We always take a day to thank one another and grow closer as a fraternity through annual brotherhood and other social events.


Social events

After hanging up our blazers and button downs, our chapter continually grows closer to one another through sporting events, ski trips, hiking, ice skating, and even food dates around Lexington!

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